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You’re a social WHAT?! Not long ago if you tried explaining the role of a Social Media Manager to your parents or someone from their generation, you were likely to get a blank stare, a look of serious confusion, or a flood of questions. Insta WHAT?! Facebook WHO?! My, how the times have changed. Social media is now a daily norm for most people, influencing many facets of personal and professional life. According to LinkedIn, Social Media Marketing was the hottest skill of 2013.

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Even if you enjoy posting selfies, pictures of delicious food, and nostalgic #TBT photos, that does not necessarily mean that you’re cut out for a job in this field. However, if you are also good at networking, building audiences, or growing online communities, then a career in social media might be for you. PayScale’s latest report, Social Media at Work, shows how social media has evolved in to a potential career.

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Do you want to be a Social Media Manager? If so, PayScale’s data suggests majoring in, or brushing up on the following subjects: Communication, Business and Marketing, Journalism, Public Relations, English, and Psychology. The top skills to develop and add to your resume are Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization, and Marketing Communications. Suggested job titles to target your job search should include Social Media Coordinator, Online Community Manager, Marketing Associate, Marketing Manager, and Social Media Director.

A recent CMO survey from Duke University found that companies plan to increase their social media marketing spending by 144 percent over the next 5 years. The study also determined that companies are moving social media teams in house rather than outsourcing. This is a strong indication that there is no better time than the present to land your social media dream job.

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