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4 Time Management Tips That Can Save You Hours a Week


If you’re reading this on Sunday, in between doing work-related tasks that you just didn’t have time for during the week, have hope. With a few small changes, you can manage your time so that you never (well, hardly ever) have to work the weekend again.

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1. Batch like tasks.

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Multitasking, as we’ve said many times before, is the art of doing many tasks poorly. To really get stuff done, do one thing at a time for a set period of time. Better yet, batch similar tasks together, so that your brain doesn’t have to make a huge leap every time you change activities.

2. Block off your time.

Why is someone else’s meeting more important than your work? In part, because they’ve blocked off time for it, most likely in your Outlook calendar. Make a commitment to yourself, using the same tools. Discretion is key, here: no one will respect your calendar if you block off whole days at a stretch, no matter how tempting it is.

3. Take frequent breaks.

Plan them into your day, if possible. You’re less likely to wind up wasting hours on the internet or playing games on your phone, if you know you’ll get another break in a half an hour or so.

4. Sit as little as possible.

Even if you can’t get on board with the standing desk revolution, and your company isn’t feeling the treadmill desk alternative, adding more physical activity to your day will benefit your health and concentration.

When you take breaks, try to get up and move instead of just sitting in place. Ask questions in person. Go for a walk at lunch. Do whatever you can to keep from sitting at your desk for the whole day without a rest. You’ll have more energy, and get more done during the time you spend in your chair.

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