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The Woman Who Quit Her Job in a Super Bowl Commercial


Machine engineer Gwen Dean wanted to quit her job in order to start a business teaching people to make puppets. Yesterday, she did just that — via a Super Bowl commercial for GoDaddy, the web hosting provider usually known for scantily clad spokeswomen.


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“Yes, I may have manufactured a whopping 65 million gallons of chilled water over my 18-year career operating large tonnage refrigeration machinery,” writes Gwen at her new website. “But … it’s puppets and their interaction with children that have been my real love since childhood. From the days of my father animating my favorite teddy bear to the fun-filled magic of my puppet shows today, infectious laughter and energetic conversations between children and puppets are pure passion for me.”

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GoDaddy enlisted Dean to quit, live during the game, allegedly without the prior knowledge of her boss. As CNET and The Grindstone point out, the fact that the company was specifically looking for a female quitter might indicate that they’re trying to rehab their image.

But what’s next for Gwen? Well, provided her business takes off, she’ll have her 15 minutes of fame and go blissfully into the sunset, booking shows and making puppets. If things don’t work out, she’ll be another example of why it’s better to quit the old-fashioned way — with less fanfare, but a better reference.

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