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Homing From Work: Who’s Doing Non-Work Stuff at the Office? [infographic]


Most of us would say that employees shouldn’t do a lot of non-work-related activities at the office. After all, everyone’s worked with that person who can’t get off Facebook or stop playing Solitaire long enough to get anything done. But in reality, given how long the average work day has become, most of us will be forced to “home from work” at some point or another.

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The most interesting part of Captivate‘s infographic, which is based on their survey, is how many people do life stuff from their desk. For example:

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  • 93 percent of those surveyed say they take care of personal or family needs at work.
  • 63 percent admitted to shopping online at work — or surfing the web.
  • 34 percent left the office for retail therapy. Presumably, most of those folks do so on their breaks, but it does make you wonder about times when you couldn’t get ahold of your boss….
  • 31 percent admitted to running errands during the day.

The infographic highlights an explanation for all this mid-work activity: a 30 percent rise in the number of people working more than nine hours a day, since 2011.

So before you start worrying that you need to keep a closer watch on your reports, keep in mind that many workers are doing errands and shopping online simply because there’s no other time to do it.

Homing From Work

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