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3 Tips to Position Yourself for a Promotion


If you’re angling for a promotion, it’s not enough to work hard and do your job well. Here’s how to improve your chances.

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1. Observe

Do You Know What You're Worth?

Keep your eyes open and pay attention to what is happening around you. If you understand what other people have done before being promoted, you are in a better position to get yourself promoted. Different offices and businesses have different workplace cultures. Besides simply doing a good job, which is a necessary part of being promoted, how do the people who have risen to the top behave? Are they outgoing and outspoken, or do they quietly and efficiently get things done? Observe what happens around you.

2. Over-Deliver

A promotion means getting a job that incorporates additional or different responsibilities than your current position. Therefore, if you want to prove you deserve a promotion, over-deliver at work today. When you go above and beyond the basic call of duty, so to speak, you prove that you are capable of more. At that point, it is reasonable for you to ask for more responsibilities and more money.

3. Find a Mentor

Find a mentor at your company who likes and respects you. This person may help you by showing you the ropes, but also by spreading good news about you. A mentor is a good person to be honest with about your career goals. If your mentor thinks you would make a good manager, she is more likely to suggest a promotion if she knows you want that position.

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Hard work and communication are both characterisitics that will help you in your job and throughout your career. They are characteristics that your boss will take a liking to. 

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