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Would You Quit Your Job Via App?


This is proof positive that there is an app for absolutely everything. A new app, appropriately called Quit Your Job, will send the boss a text message, saving you the time and trouble of dealing with the situation, face to face.


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Be advised: this is a very, very bad way to quit your job. Ask any career coach, job expert, or counselor, and they will tell you: in person is the only way to quit.

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However, as a concept, Quit Your Job is pretty hilarious.

“Despite all the advances in technology we still quit our jobs the same way we did hundreds of year ago,” Alex Douzet tells Reuters. Douzet is the chief executive officer of TheLadders, which released the app. “There’s a lot of anxiety around the resignation process, so we used technology to ease the pain in that moment and make it seamless to breakup with your boss.”

Unsurprisingly, Quit Your Job was built by the same team who created Breakup Text, which promises to — you guessed it — break up with your partner for you, via SMS. (One wonders what else we’ll be able to day through text messaging. Fire our employees? Dodge creditors? Create a new identity?)

Quit Your Job is currently only available for iPhone, so Android users are on their own. The app allows users to choose between three reasons behind their decision: I’m sick of the corporate world, I want to get rich, and I found a new job. The app then generates a message to send to the boss.

In all seriousness, though, does Douzet expect people to quit via app?

“This is unchartered territory,” he says. “It’s an experiment to see if people will actually use it seriously. If thousands of people download the app and only one ends up using it seriously, that’s interesting because it’s changing behaviors.”

Our advice? Let other people be the ones to shift the culture, and in the meantime, stick with the tried and true job quitting etiquette.

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