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This Is a Real Thing: Yoga Pants for Work


Today’s office is a pretty casual place. Nylons are nearly extinct in most industries, and wearing a necktie is a good way to announce, “I have a court date.” One thing that hasn’t caught on: sweatpants at work. But a new company is hoping to change all that, by introducing a yoga pant … for work.

dress yoga pants 

(Photo Credit: Betabrand)

San Francisco-based Betabrand describes itself as an online clothing community. They encourage users to design clothing which they then crowdfund and sell on the site.

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Their yoga dress pants look an awful lot like a standard gray trouser, complete with belt loops and pockets and seams. The difference is that these pants are stretchy — the button at the waist is purely for decoration, and the rayon-blend fabric has enough give for wearers to pull them on, no fasteners needed.

The belt-loop fasteners are especially important, as they help distinguish the pants from regular yoga pants — a no-no at most offices. Still, not everyone’s a fan.

Business columnist Michelle Goodman tells ABC News that the idea of wearing even fancy yoga pants to work is “ridiculous.”

“You wouldn’t wear sweatpants or pajamas to work, so why would you wear workout clothes? Yoga pants are not business casual and if you just got back from hot yoga, they probably smell,” she says. “Just change into jeans and a nice top or blazer and call it good.”

Ridiculous or no, we could see people giving business yoga pants a try. After all, if you’re going to spend your whole life at work, you might as well be comfortable, right?

The pants are currently available in sizes 2 to 16, and retail for $79.20 and are available at Betabrand.

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