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The 5 Least Stressful Jobs of 2014


If you’re thinking of changing jobs this year, you’re probably already considering factors like aptitude, salary, and occupational outlook. Here’s another thing to add to your list: maybe you’d like your next job to be a little less stressful, too.

hair stylist

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CareerCast recently rounded up the least-stressful jobs for the coming year, using 11 factors like travel, competitiveness, physical demands, growth potential, and visibility to the public eye. The top five jobs on the list were:

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1. Hair Stylist, Median Salary: $25,168

If you’re an artistic soul with a flair for cutting and styling hair, this might be the perfect job for you. Hair stylists don’t require a lot of education, although most employers will insist on certification.

3. Jeweler, Median Salary: $37,584

Jewelers do everything from repair jewelry to sizing rings to appraising gold, silver, and precious stones.

4. University Professor (Tenured), Median Salary: $88,009

Nice work, if you can get it: tenure is tough to earn these days, but tenured university professors do pretty well. Plus, they have the time and resources to work on their passion projects.

5. Seamstress/Tailor, Median Salary: $31,642

Love sewing and fixing your own clothes? You might be able to parlay that into a career. The growth outlook for tailors isn’t very strong (only about 1 percent) but it’s still an attractive career for someone who loves working with clothing.

What do all these jobs have in common? Well, to start out with, they’re all career paths you’re more likely to pursue if you love that kind of work. Because when it comes to picking a career, the old saying is true: “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

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Congratulations Career Cast for exposing LAZY tenured professors who DO exist.  These are the ones  too busy staying home and working out in the garden like illustrious, lazy PROFESSOR BOZO from the Holy University in Moraga, Ca. The public and neighbors watch daily this arrogant jerk do gardening, landscaping, hardscaping, woodworking, reading , hanging twinkle lights for parties—-anything but educating college students. Probably with 20+ years tenure under his wing he collects a paycheck while parents and students dig deeper… Read more »


Where’s #2???

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