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5 Apps That Every Professional Needs to Know About


Professionals are constantly looking for ways to better organize their time in order to carve out a few more minutes (or hours, if they’re lucky) to find that elusive work-life balance. Here are five apps that every professional needs to help them attain a better sense of control over their everyday lives.

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1. Norton Identity Safe – Remembering private information like passwords, credit card numbers, and contact information can be a hassle, especially when you’re a busy professional. Norton Identity Safe is an app that securely stores your secret data in a “vault” that can only be accessed with a unique pin that you create, “so you can quickly fill out online forms for faster checkout when shopping.” What’s more, Norton Identity Safe protects your devices by indicating whether or not a site is safe to visit or not, much like its computer antivirus software. Install this app if you want to ensure that your identity and private information is safe while you’re on-the-go.

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Available for free for iPhone and Android smartphones.

2. Fantastical 2 – If you want a way better organize your hectic schedule, then consider this user-friendly app by Flexbits. Fantastical 2 uses natural language to help users easily schedule, manage, and edit their schedules with a few keystrokes or swipes. One feature that is a must-have for professionals who travel around town for meetings is the map that is attached directly to the actual calendar event when an address is entered. Fantastical 2 allows users to quickly switch between day view and week view simply by tilting the phone to landscape orientation. This app has intuitive-like features that make scheduling a breeze.

Available for $1.99 for iPhones only.

3. Quickoffice – What professional doesn’t use some aspect of Microsoft Office on a daily basis? Quickoffice is a Google app that “lets you create and edit MicrosoftR Office documents, spreadsheets, and presentations” on your smartphone or iPad, according to the App Store. Need your documents when you’re out of the office? No problem, store documents on Google Drive and access them through Quickoffice to access, edit, save, and share your files anywhere, anytime. 

Available for free for iPhone and Android smartphones.

4. Codeacademy: Hour of Code – Even if your career has nothing to do with coding, learning how to code is “about the best thing you can do for your future.” The Hour of Code app provides users with the tools and resources needed for just about anyone to learn the basics of programming through fun, interactive lessons so that they can create “apps, websites, games, and more.” Every professional could benefit from a basic coding knowledge. Studies show, the future of business relies heavily on some aspect of programming.

Available for free for iPhones only.

5. Hootsuite – It’s more important than ever for professionals to maintain upstanding identities online, especially now that social media has become the predominant way that people and businesses communicate with each other. Manage your social networks and prevent a potential career-ending post by using Hootsuite, because one social media slip-up could cost you a job opportunity or, worse, your entire career. Hootsuite allows users to manage their social networks with one app. Are you constantly on the go during the day and find it difficult to even scan your accounts? Schedule your posts through Hootsuite and conveniently share your content across multiple networks. An added bonus for business owners and social media professionals are the detailed analytics provided to users with free accounts – upgraded, paid accounts have access to many more useful features, as well.

Available for free for iPhone and Android smartphones.

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