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10 Online Places to Learn Valuable Job Skills, for Free


Job counselors tell us that the best way to build a successful career is to keep learning and adding skills to our resumes. But education isn’t cheap — for the most part. Fortunately, there are plenty of totally free sources online that will help you develop the skills you need to get hired, be promoted, and keep those raises rolling in.


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A recent post on Reddit listed about a billion sites to learn everything from music theory to home cooking. Because we’re primarily interested in career education around these parts, we were most interested in the sources that would teach us job-related skills. Among the motherlode:

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1. LearnJava

2. OSHA Training

3. Let’s Make Robots

4. Investopedia

5. Languages from BBC

6. Google Code University

7. W3C Wiki

8. Mozilla Dev Network


10. Open Web Standards Curriculum

Unsurprisingly, many of the free sites listed have to do with programming languages and learning to code. Even if you don’t have a tech job today, learning to code is good for your resume and might open up new realms of career possibility.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that software developer jobs are expected to expand by 30 percent over the next decade — much faster than the average. The median salary for software developers is $67,743, and the high end for that title is over $100,000 a year. It’s worth the effort to see if you have interest and ability in that area, especially if you can get a few basic skills for free.

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I try’s a great place to learn and start coding online.


Thanks for the website Chris. I am a subscriber to your youtube tutorial. I hope to get much out from the site. Thanks again.


The most valuable skill I ever learned was learning how to code.  It’s changed my life.  I wish I could say that I learned it from here, but I wrote that site.  20 years of experience in one coding tutorial.  Feel free to pay us a visit!

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