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10 Hot Job Titles That Barely Existed 5 Years Ago [infographic]


When we were kids, our teachers told us that the jobs we’ve have as adults hadn’t been invented yet. We bet even those far-thinking folks couldn’t have predicted occupations like Zumba instructor and data scientist.


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LinkedIn recently crunched the numbers from 259,000,000 member profiles to tease out the 10 job titles that would have sounded like speculative fiction in 2008. As you’d expect, most of them were in tech — data scientist, IOS and Android developers, UI/UX designer, big data architect, etc. The other two titles are the surprise: Beachbody coach and Zumba instructor are both fitness-related.

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Tech and fitness dominated the list beyond the top 10, writes Sohan Murthy on LinkedIn’s Talent Blog. In the 20s and 30s, they found titles like “backend developer” lying cheek-by-jowl with “holistic health coach.”

“So, what does the future hold?” Murthy asks. “The job titles you see in the list above are a reflection of how LinkedIn members choose to define their work today. Some of them aren’t entirely new jobs, but rather a combination of pre-existing skills, or simply job titles that have undergone a little bit of ‘rebranding’ in the past few years. Odds are good that the next hot job title follows a similar path so make sure you keep this in mind for your next candidate search.”

In other words, if you’re looking for a career change, don’t just jump on the “hot jobs” bandwagon. Look for ways to leverage your existing skills into something you’ll truly love.

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