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Tweet for the Stars: Social Media Managers of the Rich and Famous


If you’re borderline obsessed with a celebrity and constantly tweeting about his or her fabulousness, then you’re definitely on the right track to make it as a social media manager for the stars. Find out how these superfans landed dream careers with their favorite celebs through the magic of social media.

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After a bout of bad news in her personal life, LaQuishe Wright escaped to a movie theater to watch Channing Tatum in Step Up, not knowing that this film would change the course of her career and life forever, according to The LA Times. Immediately after the movie, Wright, who goes by “Q” to her clients, found herself captivated by the new actor and wanted to know everything about Tatum. However, to her dismay, not much information was available about the new actor on the scene, so, Wright did what any fan would do – with the help of her computer science background, she started a fan site called Channing Tatum Unwrapped.

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The site gained popularity quickly, with 30,000 visitors in its first month, and one of those visitors being Tatum’s mother, Kay Tatum. A few emails and meetings later, Wright’s fan site became Channing Tatum’s official site, and she was being flown out to meet the star and discuss the details of Wright becoming his social media manager.

What started out as a fan’s longing to learn more about a star ended up turning into a thriving career built out of passion and dedication. Wright soon after founded Q Social Media Ltd a social media management company for high-profile clients, and she has an impressive client list – including Nicholas Sparks, Zac Effron, and Sony Pictures. Wright’s inspirational story is yet another example of how passion (the good kind, not the crazy-obsessed-stalker kind) is the best way to find and fuel your dream career.

Social media managers are just as crucial to companies as they are to celebrities. A celebrity has an image (or brand) to maintain, and when the media grabs hold of any ounce of drama-worthy news, the social media managers and PR teams need to jump in and save face for their clients. Likewise, brands have to maintain an upstanding reputation with their customers, so if there is an issue that is publicly posted on social media, companies need a way to immediately recognize and rectify the situation before it deteriorates their image. 

If you are looking to pave a successful career in social media, definitely consider being social media manager. According to PayScale, social media managers have an earning potential of nearly $70,000, and such jobs can easily be performed remotely, which means job flexibility. Find brands in industries that pique your interest and pursue any social media job openings – because when work is fun, it doesn’t feel like work at all. 

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