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How to Stop a Bad Job Interview in Its Tracks


You can — and should — prepare thoroughly for a job interview, but no matter how many questions you practice answering and how much research you do about the job, you still might find yourself in the middle of a bad interview. Here’s how to fix it.

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1. Don’t panic.

Do You Know What You're Worth?

Everyone’s had that moment where they realized that the interviewer definitely wasn’t buying what they were selling. What you do in the beat after that realization — or don’t do — can make all the difference between turning things around and slinking past reception on the way to the elevator.

2. Ask interested questions.

Does the interviewer seem bored? Get them engaged again by asking them questions about themselves, suggests Lifehacker. Note that these questions should be about their job, not, say, their personal lives.

3. Don’t feel the need to answer every question.

If you’re stumped for an answer, it’s totally fine to ask for clarification, or to say that you’d need to think about the question. Otherwise, answer honestly, suggests Lynne Sarikas, Director of the MBA Career Center at Northeastern University, in an interview with CBS News.

“Some answer is better than deafening silence,” says Sarikas.

4. Don’t be afraid to admit you’ve made a mistake.

If you answered incorrectly — or worse, offended the interviewer — apologize immediately and get back on track. Interviews are high-pressure situations. There’s no shame in making a misstep, as long as you’re accountable for it.

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