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Even Recruiters Make Hilarious Mistakes


Think about the worst job interview of your life, the one in which you spilled your coffee, couldn’t even think of a placeholder answer for several questions, and developed an odd new twitch that now surfaces whenever you’re nervous and out of your depth. Take comfort in this: at least you never sang a song to your dog.

smiling dog 

(Photo Credit: Rennett Stowe/Flickr)

Wait, what? Yes, indeed: Deadspin brings us the story of the recruiter (we don’t know which industry she works in, for obvious reasons) who forget to disconnect a call to a potential hire, and instead recorded a little song she composed, presumably for her dog or some other pet:

Do You Know What You're Worth?

Oh, cutie that you are, because you’re so precious.

Come here!
Come here, my little monkey!
My little bear, oh, will you stop it? You’re just crazy.
I love my little beary-kins. You can stay here!
You’re in demand, my little boo-boo.
You’re in demand, my little beary-babe.
You’re in demand, my little bear-bear.
You’re so sweet, my little carebear.
My little carebear.
[kissing noises]
I love my little beary-boy.
He’s a baby!
He’s a baby boy.
[kissing noises]

Several things stuck out to us about this story:

1. Our jobs really do color the rest of our lives.

Note that a recruiter’s highest compliment to her pet is that he’s “in demand.”

2. Phones are evil.

There’s a reason many of us don’t believe that mute buttons work, and spend all of our conference calls covering the microphone and pantomiming words to our neighbors. Given half a chance, your phone will betray you, possibly to the entire internet.

3. If anything, this phone call makes the recruiter’s company look like an even more desirable employer.

Sign us up for a job working with people who love their pets enough to sing songs to them.

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