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3 Tech Titles That Prove Tech Titles No Longer Have Any Meaning


There’s something about the disposition of people who start tech companies that makes them want to think up weird job titles — even though a goofy nameplate can mean a confusing conversation for the title holder at his or her next job interview. But now, courtesy of the internet, we bring you three titles that prove, definitively, that tech job titles bear no resemblance to the job they supposedly describe.


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1. Tech Advisor.

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As in, Lindsay Lohan, tech advisor to Just Sing It, a musical app that aspires to be the Instagram of singing.

“Perhaps the app, which is currently ranked no. 186 in Music and no. 348 in Trivia among U.S. users in the iOS Store, could use the limelight,” writes Nitasha Tiku on Valleywag.

In any case, it seems safe to say that Lohan probably didn’t become a tech guru since we last hear of her. (See also: Bieber, Justin.)

2. Social Media Trailblazer.

Coburg Banks’ blog claims that this is a Digital Marketing Executive, and that seems possible. But it also seems more like part of a tagline for a LinkedIn profile than an actual job title.

3. Mighty Eagle.

No, we’re not making that up, and the crew at The Huffington Post claim that they’re not either. Peter Vesterbacka is Chief Marketing Officer of Rovio, which created Angry Birds, He is also the Mighty Eagle of Rovio, according to him, at least. No word on what the Mighty Eagle does, besides his regular duties as CMO, and, well, being mighty.

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