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Would You Choose Being Healthy Over $1 Million? This Football Player Did

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If John Moffitt continued to do his job for about another year, he would have easily made over a $1 million. Instead, the now-former professional football player decided he wouldn’t risk his long-term health for the money.

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Moffitt was a backup lineman for the Denver Broncos this year, playing in only two games for the first-place team. But for months, Moffitt thought about the injuries he had already suffered in the sport and what damage his body would sustain in the future. He decided his health was more important than the money, Moffitt told the New York Times.

“I’m the one being called crazy, but I think everyone else is crazy,” Moffitt told the Times. “It’s disturbing that people are questioning my sanity for giving up the money. What does that say about our world?”

Do You Know What You're Worth?

The physical abuse, especially when it comes to the brain, football players endure has been a main topic this football season. In September, the National Football League agreed to pay former players $765 million to settle a concussion lawsuit. Even with the settlement, the evidence that playing football can lead to debilitating brain injuries continues to mount.

“They are merchandising human beings, let’s be honest,” Moffitt told the Times.

Unlike NFL players, most of us don’t have to worry about being concussed at work. Still, the workplace can be mentally straining and almost everybody at least thinks about quitting.

Some actually do, but don’t make a rash decision you might regret; seriously consider the pros and cons. If you’re thinking of quitting, read PayScale’s “5 Signs Telling You It’s Time to Leave Your Job for Bigger and Better Things.”

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