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What Type of ‘Chair Sitter’ Are You?


The next time you roam the aisles of your office, try to spot these ten types of “chair sitters” and see if the descriptions below tell you anything about your co-workers.

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The way you sit in your chair contributes to your achy back and neck, but it also gives an indication of how productive you are — or not. Chair Office provides us with an amusing infographic, which explains the ten types of “chair sitters” in every office space. Here are three of our favorites from the infographic below:

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The Hunch Back – Don’t equate this poor-postured sitter with Milton Waddams, the timid and often mistreated character from Office Space.  Usually viewed as the office recluse, the Hunch Back plugs away at work and minds his own business throughout the day. But don’t mistaken his quietness for idiocy, because the Hunch Back is usually the most intelligent fellow of the bunch, not to mention the one who bails you out when you need it most.

The Fitness Freak – Who needs a chair when you can sit on a humungous bouncy ball and boost your fitness and productivity at the same time? The Fitness Freak is usually seen doing laps around the building at lunch and is always chomping on a protein-packed snack that looks like bird food. But don’t knock the Fitness Freak for her avant-garde ways, because she might be on to something. Studies show that replacing your desk chair with a balance ball boosts productivity, while also allowing the worker to squeeze in a few ab-workouts between emails. Despite increasing productivity, one small Dutch study found that balance balls aren’t as stable as chairs, so there’s an increased risk of falling. Plus, they could cause compression of the vertebrae.

The Edge of the Seat-er – This person is always in a mad dash somewhere and, without a doubt, up to his eyeballs in deadlines. Although his organizational skills and time management might be lacking, the Edge of the Seat-er manages to get all of his workload completed — even if it’s at the last minute. He’s the guy you see drinking eight cups of coffee in the morning, an energy shot in the afternoon, and a cold brewsky after work. One thing’s for sure, he’s always on the edge of his seat when he needs to be, but, as the saying goes, he “works hard and plays harder.” The Edge of the Seat-ers are typically high-stress, but productive and they always have time for a joke or two in between the cups of coffee, which they’re downing like water. 

To see the rest of the types of “chair sitters,” check out the infographic below.

The 10 types of Office Sitter

(Infographic Credit: Chair Office/

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