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What to Do When Your Job Is Boring


There are thousands of articles on how to cope when you absolutely hate your job. But what about when your job isn’t awful, but it isn’t exactly great, either?

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First of all, know that you’re in good company. Most of us have to endure less-than-thrilling employment at some point in our careers. The good news is that boring jobs are the perfect launching pad for a more exciting career. Why? Well, for one thing, you have the time to put yourself in a position to move into something more your speed.

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1. Build new skills.

“Since your current job is a little more mentally flexible (read: boring, repetitive, uninspiring) find ways to try and change it up,” suggest Lisa Marie Basile at The Grindstone. “Ask a coworker if they need help. Learn a new skill. Ask your boss for a new project. If you can put the effort aversion aside for just a bit, you may learn something new.”

2. Make new connections.

Update that LinkedIn profile, go to networking events, and reconnect with former colleagues. Now’s the time to build relationships, especially with folks who are doing jobs you think you’d like to have.

3. Take care of your health.

Bring healthy snacks to work, so that you don’t while away your boredom munching neon-orange chips. Schedule workouts, and time with friends, in order to unwind physical and emotional stress. Remember that not having much to do can be as stressful as having too much to do. Be kind to yourself. You’ll need all that energy when you get the job of your dreams.

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