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5 Ways Managers Can Make Their Employees Not Hate Them


Being a manager is hard and being a good manager can at times feel impossible. What can managers do to succeed in their jobs?

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Writing on Medium, Weeve CEO Alex Chuang argues a majority of workers are unhappy and the No. 1 reason is because of poor management.

Organizations can’t just assume someone who thrived in a lesser role will succeed in management. They have to be taught how to manage. Here are five things Chuang believes managers can do to improve in their role and make their employees happier in the process.

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1. Hire the best.

The most important decisions managers make is who they do and don’t hire. Chuang says job candidates will always show their best side in an interview, so don’t be afraid to do something unorthodox when making an hire. Take candidates to a social event or use boardgames to see how a candidate socializes, learns, and teaches.

2. Praise your employees.

Be selfless, and if you receive praise, deflect the recognition to your team. Most importantly, never take credit for something you don’t deserve credit for. Your employees will think you’re a jerk, and they will be right.

3. Show you care as a human.

Often, employees think their managers only care about them as it pertains to their performance in the workplace. Get to know them. What makes them tick? The better you know them the better you can assess people’s strengths and weaknesses.

4. Don’t let your employees see you frazzled.

Employees judge their managers on how they handle stress. Don’t ever lose your temper. If you’re in a tough spot, ask for help and come up with a solution.

5. An employee’s success is a manager’s success.

Constantly ask yourself what do your employees want to achieve? How can you help them reach that goal? Never take your employees for granted and help them develop and improve in their roles.

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