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3 Ways to Calm Down at Work


If you have a big interview, or a major presentation, or even just a normal, everyday stressful job, you’re probably familiar with anxiety. And although at a certain point, professional assistance might be required, you can deal with day-to-day nerves with a few simple tricks.

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1. Prepare.

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Sometimes, anxiety is warranted — for example, when you have a job interview coming up. In those cases, the best way to calm down is to prepare ahead of time.

In the interview situation, use that nervous energy to fuel your preparations beforehand. Research the company, and its goals, clients, and culture. If you know with whom you’ll be interviewing, take a look at their LinkedIn profile and Google them, to learn more about where they’re coming from.

Practice interview questions, on your own and with friends. Think about your own best qualities and skills and how they make you the best possible candidate for the job.

2. Try stress management techniques.

Elizabeth Scott at’s Stress Management site offers several tips for calming down when you feel tense, including progressive muscle relaxation, a method that involves tensing and relaxing muscles in sequence.

3. Do something else.

Once you’ve prepared the interview or presentation, step away from the situation completely. Take a walk, talk to a friend, watch a silly movie — do whatever you need to do to focus your attention on something that isn’t your worries.

Remember that once you’ve done all that you can do about a situation, brooding on it isn’t helpful. In fact, it might make you less able to cope.

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