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3 Jobs That Burn Calories


Those of us who sit for a living are well-aware of how fitness-deficient our jobs tend to be. But some people don’t have to worry about squeezing in exercise; their jobs burn all the calories they need.

construction worker 

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Kristen Bourque at Fitday recently compiled a list of some of the most active jobs. Here are the top three — and what you can expect to earn, salary-wise, for each:

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1. Personal Trainer (or Fitness Instructor)

Unsurprisingly, folks who work out for a living burn a lot of calories during their workday, which can take place anywhere from a fitness club to a physical therapist’s office to a retirement community. They also have a high level of job satisfaction.

Median Salary: Salary ranges for trainers and fitness instructors are widely variable, ranging from $17,515 – $72,800, but the median is about $35,000 annually.

2. Valet Parker

When we think of valet attendants, we generally think of driving, not exercising, but all that running back and forth between parking spaces adds up. The cardiovascular benefits might be a perk, but compensation and job satisfaction are considerably lower than other entries on the list.

Median Salary: $20,298, out of a range of $16,427 – $30,506, annually.

3. Construction Worker

Construction workers load, unload, and manage heavy equipment, as well as performing a variety of physical tasks at construction sites, all of which burn calories.

Median Salary: $33,356, out of a range of $20,504 – $54,356, annually.

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I thought that I would burn calories working as a waitress. The food in our restaurant was so good I actually gained weight.

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