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The PayScale Index Gets Real, Predictive and Transatlantic, and Lots More


Aloha! Welcome to the Hawaiian release of the PayScale consumer product. We’re continuing our march down the list of the most delicious cuisines of the word. This release has a ton of great improvements for The PayScale Index and the beta version of the Research Center. Read on for the details and the screenshots of the updates.

The PayScale Index Forecast

Telling you the current state of the US economy wasn’t enough; we decided that this release would help you see into the future. Our data and analytics team looked into their crystal ball (and, you know, looked at the data) to see if they could correlate external factors with the PayScale Index to predict the next quarter’s PayScale Index. And, with relatively low margins of error, they did it!

Check out the 2013 Q4 Forecast for The PayScale Index.

PayScale Index 2013Q3 with Q4 Prediction

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The Real Wages

We’ve also created a page to show how salaries are doing in contrast to inflation (as measured by the Consumer Price Index). It turns out that we’re all getting paid less! 

Read all about it over on the Real Wage Index.

2013 Q3 PayScale Index Real Wage Chart

The PayScale Index, UK Edition

Our transatlantic friends in the United Kingdom have been asking for a version of the PayScale Index for themselves. Ask and ye shall receive. In all of it’s glory: The PayScale Index for the UK.


Quarterly Compensation Trends for National (UK)

The PayScale Index uses 2006 average total cash compensation as a baseline.
National (UK)


Research Center: The Next Generation (RC:TNG)

Once again, we’ve delivered a set of updates to the RC:TNG to make it easier to use and understand.

The first change we made was to add a “maturity curve” to job pages. The maturity curve shows how the pay changes as you gain more years of experience. Check out these job pages to see how pay for different jobs varies over time: 

  • Dental Hygienist Salary – Once you know the ropes as a dental hygienist, pay typically stays pretty flat as you gain more years of experience.
  • Barrister Salary – The salary a litigating attorney in the UK continues to grown all the way through late career.

There are lots of other interesting ones too. Go ahead and search other jobs to look for interesting pay trends (and let us know about them)!

Software Engineer Salary Maturity Curve

The second major change was to make the Skills section more clear. We used to have a jumble of lots of skill combinations, and that was kind of confusing. So we waved our minimalism wand and replaced it with a simplified list. As a bonus, it’s way more useful. Now you can easily tell the difference in pay between a software engineer who focuses in Python and one who focuses on Java.


That’s it for this release, brah. As always, feel free to email or tweet at me with questions or comments!

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