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That Rebellious Teen Is an Entrepreneur in the Making


A new study has some surprising findings. That obnoxious, rebellious teen that gets on your nerves may have the perfect personality for entrepreneurship.

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Business Zone reports on new research performed jointly by scientists from both Germany and Sweden. They found that some of the same character traits in adolescent boys that may drive parents crazy also point to possible entrepreneurship and success.

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According to the study, men who become entrepreneurs are more likely to have had a rebellious youth. If you think successful business owners are shining stars and life-long high achievers, you are in for a surprise. In reality, those entrepreneurs more likely had a difficult time conforming and were more likely to break the rules during adolescence than their peers. It is worth noting that criminal offenses were mostly misdemeanors, according to Business News Daily.

The Anti-Social Teenager and the Adult Entrepreneur

Anti-social teens usually don’t want to conform, are unwilling to be told what to do and are quite willing to take risks to get what they want. As annoying as they may be, there are similarities between rebellious youth and successful entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs test the limits of the market and take personal risks in order to succeed on their own. They often do not wish to have somebody else telling them what to do. Building your own business is risky and requires the ability to think for yourself, and not worry about conforming to what other business owners are doing.

As long as the anti-social teenager grows into an adult who tests the limits of the market and not the limits of the law, then he may become a successful as an entrepreneur.

And, of course, parents may take heart that the same qualities in their teenagers that keep them up at night may be the same qualities that those teens will use in adulthood to build a successful business.

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