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Make Sneaky Appointments From Your Desk With This App


One reason workers hate open-plan offices is that it makes it nearly impossible to schedule appointments for mundane but necessary things like haircuts and car maintenance. Fortunately, there is, as they say, an app for that.

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MyTime, a free app available for iPhone and on the web, allows users to schedule appointments at two million businesses in the U.S., including doctor’s and dentist’s offices, as well as pet groomers, auto repair shops, salons, and cleaning services.

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Lifehacker reports that the app will allow users to schedule appointment when it suits them, even when they realize, after hours, that they really should have booked that oil change. The app syncs with your calendar, so it’s able to suggest appointment times that aren’t already booked on your schedule.

In the comments on Lifehacker’s post, a reader pointed out that the service is free for users, but not for companies, which pay a 3 percent transaction fee and an optional 40 percent commission if they opt for special promotion on the app. But the company’s representative says they’ve never seen an incident where a company charged customers more to make up the difference.

Still, it’s never a bad idea to do your homework when booking on any scheduling service or deals site. If you know what your hairdresser usually charges, for example, you’ll have a pretty good idea if they decide to jack up the price in exchange for your being able to book an appointment during a slow meeting. (Note: do not book appointments during slow meetings.)

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