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How Your Cellphone Could Ruin Your Career


The habit of checking cellphones is compulsive for many — and it can get in the way of their careers.

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Instead of being a convenience and a great way to communicate, cellphones often get in the way of everyday life. Psych Central published an eye-opening article about the real dangers of checking the phone while driving. However, using the cellphone gets in the way of less life-threatening activities, as well. How and when you check your phone could mean the difference between a promotion and getting laid off.

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Habit Formation

If you are constantly checking your cellphone, your co-workers and your boss will likely see your habit as a problem before you do.

When we perform actions on a regular basis, we form habits. Habit-formation is something our brains do very well, whether those habits are good or for bad. Walking is a habit; we don’t have to think about putting one foot forward. For some, it is a habit to wash their hands before eating. Some habits, however, become compulsive, such as nail-biting and cellphone-checking.

Your boss may find your habit of checking your phone rude and annoying. He may not tell you, but having the phone on your desk while you are working, or checking it while talking with co-workers may damage your career.

In the Restroom

Never, ever, ever bring you cellphone into the restroom at work. The person on the other end of the line will likely hear the sounds of toilets flushing, water running, and even conversations between co-workers. Having your cellphone in your stall becomes an invasion of other people’s privacy, and could get you reprimanded at work.

Turn Off the Ring Tone

How many of us have been in a meeting or a class and, suddenly, somebody’s loud ringtone disturbs everybody else? As you arrive at work, turn off your ringer and put your phone in a desk drawer or other private place where you keep your personal belongings. Let your calls go to voicemail. When you are on break or at lunch, you may find a private place to check messages and return calls, if you see fit.

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