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Color Me Productive: The Best Colors to Paint Your Office Walls


No more light gray or beige office spaces. Color experts have much to say about how the colors you choose for your office affects your work productivity, and they don’t recommend going for blah.

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Whichever color you choose for your office walls, remember that whether we perceive color as stimulating or soothing has to do with saturation. High-saturation colors are bold and bright. Low-saturation has a more faded or muted look. For a productive workspace that feels energizing, choose high-saturation paint colors.

Which high-saturation color is best for your workspace has to do with what type of work you do. The Exact Color to Paint Your Office to Become the Most Productive discusses the best colors for brain work, creative work, and physical work.


Jobs that require thinking and planning are mind jobs. Examples of professions that use your mind include computer programming, writing, and accounting. Generally, if you work with your mind, then a shade of blue is an appropriate choice for high productivity. Best to highlight it with a bright color such as yellow or orange for a little energy.


Yellow is a good choice creative types such as artists and designers. Yellow affects our emotions; it brightens our spirits and gives us a sense of confidence. Artists who are trying new things benefit from the energy and strength that yellow encourages.

Physical Energy and Memory

Red is the color for physical energy and attention to detail. If your profession requires movement or multitasking, red may be a good way to keep you energized, active, and awake.

The Huffington Post reports that the color red affects memory. People surrounded by red are best able to remember details accurately, so students may wish to paint their study areas red.

In the end, you have to be happy and comfortable in your office. Utilize the psychology of color, but choose shades you like. You will spend many hours in your office, it should look beautiful for you.

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