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Calling Your Mom Gives You More Energy Than Coffee


Most offices frown on personal phone calls, but maybe they shouldn’t. A recent Fast Company article examines research that says that talking to a loved one could provide a bigger boost than drinking caffeine.

call your mom 

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Janet Nikolovski and Jack Groppel, of Wellness & Prevention, Inc. recently released a white paper on “microbursts” — small activities that have big payoffs. In their research, Nikolovski and Groppel found that integrating small bits of activity into the workday had a positive effect on workers’ energy levels.

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More significantly for those of us who are tired of hearing about how taking the stairs can improve our health, the researchers found that talking to a loved one also provided an energy boost.

From Fast Company:

Interacting with people is also energizing, though it has to be the right people.
“Talking to a coworker wasn’t nearly as energizing as talking to a loved one,” Nikolovski says. They plotted various energy boosters on a 1-10 point scale and compared these to the default energy booster: coffee. “When you go to reach for energy, you reach for caffeine,” Nikolovski says. People who’d had a coffee in the 30 minutes before reporting their energy levels scored a 6.8. People who’d talked to a loved one? They scored around 7 on the 1-10 point scale.

So the next time you’re trying to plow through a bunch of work at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and you feel like you’re going to crash, skip the energy drink, and give your mom a call.

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