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Biggest Work Complaints by Generation


What would you change about your job, if you could? If you said that you wish you made more money, you’re in good company: every age group in our Generations at Work survey, from Baby Boomers to Gen Y, agrees with you.


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A whopping 67 percent of Baby Boomers, 71.7 percent of Gen Xers, and 72.4 percent of Gen Yers would increase their pay, if they were allowed to change one thing about their jobs. All other factors, including boss, commute, company, coworkers, schedule, and the job itself received under 10 percent of the vote from each generation.

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Within those smaller segments, the other top work complaints tended to vary by age group. Baby Boomers, for example, led the pack in disliking the boss: 9.3 percent said that they would change their manager, if they could pick only one thing to alter about their work experience. Baby Boomers were also more likely to be annoyed by their co-workers: 5.4 percent said they wished they could change their colleagues.

Gen X, on the other hand, were more likely to be miffed over their commute (7.6 percent) than other groups, but in all other areas, were tied or behind other generations in terms of their complaints. Certainly, they’ve got nothing on Gen Y in the work woes area: 4.9 of respondents from the youngest generation of workers want a better schedule — and 3.3 percent would like a new job altogether.

what would you change about your job 

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