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Beyond the Red Power Tie


Business clothing must be professional, but it doesn’t have to be the same boring gray on every person, every day. Send messages and influence others by adding carefully chosen colors to your work clothing.

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We all know what the red power tie signifies. “I’m the man in charge!” Red is assertive and gets noticed.

The color of our business clothing sends subtle, subconscious messages to bosses, clients, and co-workers. Depending upon whom you wish to influence or impress over the course of the day, choose your business colors carefully.

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Trust Me

According to the color experts behind Empower Yourself With Color Psychology, blue has a universal effect of calming others and encouraging trust. Both men and women respond well to blue.

While darker blues denote a more conservative attitude, lighter blues such as turquoise tend to be more uplifting and may lighten the serious tone in the room. Greenish-blues maintain the air of confidence and reliability of pure blues, but also appears friendly and approachable.

Blue tones are always good when interacting with clients, and blue is considered a good color for helping build customer loyalty.

I Am Successful

The advice on Influence With Color Psychology for those who wish to look successful is to choose rich but subtle hues. Camel, butternut, salmon, or burgundy connote an air of financial success. They also send the message that you have much social and professional influence.

I Am Creative

Purple is associated with creativity and free thinking. A splash of purple, on the other hand, is associated with high quality, or a premium product. If you work in a creative industry, including purple in your outfit sends the message that you have the best new and innovative ideas. Using purple in your wardrobe shows you are creative but know how to be sophisticated.

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