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35 Habits of Productive People [infographic]


What’s the difference between a truly productive person and someone whose Facebook account eats their entire afternoon? Good habits.


(Photo Credit: aussiegall/Flickr)

This mind map from Funders and Founders outlines productive habits for every aspect of your life, from your physical body to your daily schedule to the food you eat and the clothes you wear.

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Some are common sense — for instance, most of us know we should throw away clothes we don’t wear, and avoid meetings that don’t lead to decisions, even if we’re unable or unwilling to do so. But other hacks — “decide the outcome before even starting” and “start before you feel ready” — are Zen-like in their brevity and wisdom.

Diana Adams of Bit Rebels points out that not everyone will agree on every point.

“There are also so many different opinions about this,” Adams writes. “I read one article that said to do the most important tasks first so they will for sure get completed. I read another article that said to do the easiest tasks first so that you’ll feel like you are crossing things off your list.”

Adams believes that the best way to organize your schedule is according to your body’s energy. For example, some days, you’re going to have a lot of energy when you first wake up, while other times, you’ll need two cups of coffee before your brain starts working. If you get a sense of your general habits and pay attention to your needs on the day at hand, you’ll have a better sense of whether to tackle administrative tasks or big picture stuff when you first sit down at your desk.

Perhaps the best thing about this mind map is that it gets us thinking about when and how we’re most productive in the first place.

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(Infographic Credit: Funders and Founders)

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