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3 Ways to Personalize Your Workspace


We all like a comfortable, personalized workspace. Keep it appropriate so you are still taken seriously and seen as a professional.


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Open workspaces have their benefits, but they do lack privacy. Take this into account when you personalize your work area. How you keep your work area may affect your chances of rising in your company.

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1. Keep It Simple

A cluttered desk may give some the impression that you are disorganized, which is a negative if you want a promotion.

A cute doll, stuffed animal or even one set of Russian nesting dolls may add a personal touch to your desk, and make it look and feel like your own. Sets of dolls, however, are more likely to be too much. And various tchotchkes scattered on your desk will look unkempt, disorganized, and unprofessional.

Feel free to add a personal touch to your desk or workspace, but keep it simple and neat.

2. Be Interactive

At CBS News, blogger Amy Levin-Epstein mentions personalizing with magnet games. For example, if you love chess, you might purchase a small, magnet chess board to be set up on any magnetic surface. Other options include magnet poetry sets.

This serves many purposes. In addtion to magnet games adding a personal touch and showing that you have a fun side, it encourages people to stop by your space and speak with you. You may end up networking with a coworker you seldom see.

3. Choose Photographs Wisely

Lots of people like to decorate their workspace with pictures of their family or best friends. Your favorite shot from your friend’s drunken bash on the beach last summer, however, will not impress your bosses … at least not the way you would like to impress them.

Photographs must be inoffensive to anyone who may chance to see them. Choose your personal photographs for your office space wisely.

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