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3 Little-Known Jobs That Really Exist


Ask a kid what he wants to be when he grows up, and you’ll either get a fantastically improbably answer (Superman, and/or a unicorn) or something out of a guidance counselor’s very shortest list of vocations (doctor, lawyer, veterinarian that specializes in puppies and kittens). That’s because most of us, even grownups, are only aware of a very small subsection of all possible jobs.


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Enter the good citizens of Quora to enlighten us. Recently, users came up with some amazing answers to the question, “What are some little-known or obscure jobs, that many people may not realize exist?

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Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Relay Operators for the Deaf

User Laura Copeland points out that this is “a noble profession that the Internet age has turned on its side for trolls and scammers to feast on.” While relay operators are important for actual hearing impaired phone users, they can also be abused by pranksters who force them to say profane or threatening things — or even carry out scams.

2. Dabbawalas

In Mumbai, these workers transport freshly made lunches from office workers’ homes to their places of business. Prarthana Bhat K reports that, in Hindi, “Dabba” means “lunch box” and “wala” means “bringer.”

3. Hotel Duck Master

This job seems like it would have to be made-up, but no: there are, in fact, three hotel duck masters in the world, all at Peabody hotels in the southeastern U.S. What do duck masters do? Lead parades of each hotels pet ducks through the lobby, and answer the guest’s questions about the ducks’ habits and lives.

We’d guess at least a few guests want to know how one becomes a duck master in the first place — and if they’re hiring.

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