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13 Personality Types in Every Office [infographic]


It’s no wonder every new TV season offers so many new workplace comedies. Even the dullest office is teeming with characters — some more entertaining than others.

bad boss 

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The infographic below presents some of the more common types, but in fact, the only thing you need to figure out as a coworker is which category your zanier colleagues fit into:

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1. Harmless eccentrics.

Unless you report directly to the Gossiper or Debbie Downer, you can politely excuse yourself from 99.9 percent of your interactions with them. Keep your goals in mind when you do have to communicate with one of these time-wasters, and you won’t get sucked into non-productivity land.

2. Irritating people you don’t actually have to deal with.

The Chatterbox chatters a lot, but he sits on the other side of the room and he works in another department; the Overly Ambitious Summer Intern is annoying, but she doesn’t report to you. Don’t make problems for yourself by trying to prevent someone else’s bad day. Avoid.

3. Folks you’re stuck with no matter what.

Your boss is a Meeting Scheduler, an Email Overloader, or worst of all, a Backstabber. This is one of the only times when you have real problems. The usual rules for dealing with a bad boss apply here. Analyze the situation, identifying any places where you contribute to the bottleneck, and then try to have a constructive conversation about freeing up your time to be more productive. And document everything, just in case you have to take it to HR.

13 personality types 

(Infographic Credit: and National Pen)

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Then there is the hyper-judgmental, look down your nose employee, who finds fault with everybody in the office and then blogs about it.


Hello! All negative.. Talk about a pessimist. Be gracious bro. Not all are like that. Most of employees are happily working and have a life outside job. Peace be with you

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