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Which Social Network Will Get You Hired? [infographic]


With an estimated increase in investment of 73 percent, social media recruiting is the new hot trend for companies with vacancies. Take a look at JobVite’s infographic to see how social recruiting is significantly impacting the hiring scene.

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Jobvite released its latest infographic on social recruiting, illustrating just how much social media has impacted the process of searching for and hiring qualified candidates. For job seekers, this information is incredibly valuable in that it gives you a direct glimpse into exactly which social networks are being scanned, exactly what employers are looking for on a candidate’s profile, and what niche purpose each network serves for recruiters. Here’s a rundown of what JobVite’s infographic unveils:

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Top networks for hiring:

1. LinkedIn (94 percent)

2. Facebook (65 percent)

3. Twitter (55 percent)

4. Company blog (20 percent)

5. Google+ (18 percent)

6. YouTube (15 percent)

What companies use these networks for:

1. LinkedIn – 96 percent of employers use this professional networking site to search for candidates. LinkedIn also offers insight into candidates’ educational backgrounds, professional experience, and skills.

2. Facebook – 65 percent of employers use this top-of-its-class social network to showcase their brands.*

3. Twitter – 47 percent use this micro-blogging site to also showcase their brands.*

*Sites like Facebook and Twitter help employers decipher whether a candidate is a good fit with the company, to see what industy-related knowledge (if any) the person posts and shares, and to examine the individual’s professional experience as well.

Recruiters are relying more and more on social recruiting than ever before because it’s proving to be a more reliable and convenience way to source potential candidates than conventional ways. Forty-two percent of recruiters have considered a candidate based on their online profiles alone. 

For a closer look at what a recruiter is looking for on a candidate’s social media profiles, see the bottom of the infographic for a list of the good, bad, and the ugly. If you feel as though your online profiles aren’t where they need to be, then check out this post on how to clean up your profile in five easy steps.

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