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Want the Job? Let’s See You Dance!


Though you should prepare for unconventional questions before a job interview, you don’t have to worry about brushing up on your Running Man or Electric Slide. Or do you?

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The British electronic retailer Currys is under fire after they asked prospective employees to show off their dance moves in job interviews.

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Alan Bacon, a recent college graduate, told The Guardian he was well-prepared for his interview, studying the company and its merchandise before going into the group interview.

What he wasn’t prepared for was showing off his dance moves, which he says are terrible.

The panel told the job candidates to dance and, feeling as if he had no choice, Bacon attempted some “rubbish robotics.” Bacon said he struggled for the rest of the interview after the dancing experience knocked him off his game.

“There was an older gentleman there who was telling us just before the interview that he was made redundant from his last job and had recently had a child so he was pretty desperate for this job and watching him having to dance to rap music …”

Currys issued an apology after Bacon went public and is investigating the incident.

Though it’s unlikely you’ll be asked to dance in an interview it is possible you’ll be asked a question you feel is inappropriate.

Usually this happens when the job interviewer is trying to make small talk and doesn’t realize they are being unprofessional, author and manager Alison Green wrote.

Green says you can “respond with guns blazing, attempting to educate the interviewer on employment law,” but the best course of action might be to take a step back and understand what the interviewer is trying to get at with the question and answer that instead.

For example, if you’re asked how important is parenthood to you, one response might be that being a parent would not impact your job performance.


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