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This Woman Is the Best Job-Quitter Ever to Quit a Job


Think back to how you quit your last job. You probably spoke with your manager, put it in writing, and negotiated an end date that would be best for everyone involved and didn’t burn any bridges. You are very mature and should continue to do things exactly as you are. That said, let’s look at a video of your new hero.


(Photo Credit: leesean/Flickr)

Marina V. Shifrin is a writer and comedian, and, until recently an employee of an unnamed video production company. The job itself was cool. The problem was that it was also eating her life. So she made a video, explaining her beef and handing in her resignation.

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The best part is that Shifrin’s stated goal was to make one video of her own that focused on the content instead of on page views … and that one video has over 800,000 views on YouTube.

See that, bosses of the world? Quality is as important as quantity! At least when it comes to viral videos of people quitting.

For the rest of us working stiffs, though, the old rules still apply. Don’t do anything in your last weeks at work — either during your resignation, or after it — that would prevent your old company from hiring you again. Sure, you might not ever want to darken this office’s door again, but you never know who will jump ship to a new opportunity where dance parties are encouraged and viral videos are inspired by the work itself — not the employees’ desire to leave it.

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