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Salary Scrimmage: Party Schools vs. Sober Schools [infographic]


The decision of whether to go to a party school or a sober school probably has a lot more to do with the student’s recreational interests and general lifestyle than it does with earning potential. But since neither beer nor milk buys itself, we thought we’d take a look at both types of institution on an earning-potential basis.

naval academy 

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Here’s what we found:

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– For starters, the salary discrepancy wasn’t that great. The median mid-career salary at the top ten party schools was $89,950, while the median mid-career salary at sober schools was $84,500. So the difference in earnings probably isn’t big enough to dissuade you from choosing a specific school.

– The highest median salary overall was at a sober school. Graduates at the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis earned a median salary of $131,000 per year.

– “Party schools” and “sober schools” aren’t necessarily 100 percent one or the other. Both lists were gleaned from the Princeton Review’s 2013 rankings. Sober schools were defined as schools with high study hours, low drug and alcohol use, and low presence (or no presence) of fraternities and sororities on campus. “Sober,” in this context does not necessarily mean that alcohol is absolutely forbidden on campus.

Party Schools vs Sober Schools

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