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Roofing Is Not for the Faint of Heart


With a reputation for being one of the 10 most dangerous jobs in America, perhaps roofing should pay more than $34,000 per year.

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CNN Money considers roofing one of the ten most dangerous jobs in America. Falling off the roof is not the only problem that roofers face. Some roofing in need of repair is weak enough to break underneath roofers’ boots, among other problems.

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Risks for Roofers

Roofers are out in all kinds of weather, including hot, sunny, and humid, as well as when winds kick up suddenly and unexpectedly.

Modern homes with electrical wiring offer extra hazards for roofers. Electrical burns and electrocution are common risks. Last year, USA Today interviewed roofer Chris Quinian. While 220 volts of electricity was surging through his body, Quinian’s co-worker kicked him off of the roof they were working on together. This action saved Quinian’s life. (Yes, he survived both the electricity and the fall.)

The pitch that many roofers work with can cause nasty chemical burns. It’s starting to sound as if falling off of a roof is the least of a roofer’s worries.

Necessary Skills

Roofers need much more than good balance and the willingness to stare down danger; they also need to be skilled in mathematics. Geometry, fractions, and angles must be figured correctly or the house and roof will not come together correctly.

Roofers must think in square terms; in other words, they must be able to convert a 2D picture to 3D in their minds. They also need multiplication skills when figuring out the correct amount of materials needed for a specific job.

CBS Moneywatch reported that the median annual salary for roofers is about $34,000. Some roofers take it up as a summer job because there is increased demand at that time. Depending upon where you live, roofing may be a seasonal job. But those who love it, truly love it. There seems to be great personal benefit to getting to spend your day up on a roof.

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Luke Martin
Luke Martin

Roofing task is not for everyone. It is for those who have the passion to do it and can take challenges. Whatever type of safety equipments you have you still need a strong heart to be on the top of a residential or commercial building top. I am a roofing contractor and the team of roofers at Countrytowne have right skills to accomplish the roofing tasks in a professional manner. Critical thinking, coordination, active listening, time management, relevant calculations, operation… Read more »

Surrey Roofing
Surrey Roofing

It is a very dangerous job and most people don’t realize this. Thanks for the great article.

asheville general contractors

There’s no question about roofing as one of the most dangerous jobs in America and a lot of households are in doubt of hiring contractors. But there are so many roofers out there who do such terrific work.

Roofing Liverpool

You definitely need some balls when working in this industry! Always over looked if you ask me but roofers do some of the best work around!

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