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Older Narcissists Prefer Facebook Over Twitter


We all know it is unwise to post pictures of yourself in your underwear on social media sites and just hope the recruiter you are meeting with next week never sees it. But which social media you like to use may affect how potential employers view you.

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Which social media you choose to use affects how potential employers see you. When looking for a job, this choice may be as important as how you use social media.

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Facebook or Twitter?

Two studies published on PsyBlog examined social media use along generational lines. College-age people and young adults who exhibited narcissistic traits in their personalities preferred Twitter, because it gave them a sounding board to broadcast their very important opinions to the world. It would, after all, be tragic if people had to make decisions without knowing what Twitter users think.

Among the 35+ generation, those with narcissistic personality traits preferred Facebook. Facebook is likened to a mirror in the studies. Unlike Twitter users, Facebook users enjoy monitoring how other people respond to their posts, what responses they get, and who “likes” what they have to say.

What This Means in a Job Search

One possible takeaway from this study is that employers and those looking to hire you will likely deem you emotionally mature if you use Facebook, but not if you use Twitter. Therefore, you may wish to have an appropriate Facebook account even if you prefer using Twitter.

Facebook also lends itself more to group social interaction than Twitter. Messages on Twitter go by quickly. Facebook updates continue to show with additional comments and responses that friends make. An employer may see a Facebook user as more likely to listen to others and be willing to work together than a Twitter user.

What Is Narcissism?

Narcissus is from Greek mythology. He fell in love with his own reflection in a pond, and was so taken with himself, that he never left sitting by the pond. Some misinterpret narcissism as self-love, but it is more a concern that we appear perfect, important, and beautiful in the eyes of others.

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