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No Mohawks Allowed


Just in case you thought your company’s rules prohibiting you from wearing your fuzzy bath robe and requiring daily hairbrushing were intrusive and overbearing, Abercrombie & Fitch’s “Look Policy Guidelines” may give you a run for your money. And while a ban on extreme hair and large earrings may seem really, really bizarre, Abercrombie isn’t the only company with weird dress code rules.

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In an attempt to repair its image a bit, Abercrombie & Fitch has recently tried to enforce its “Look Policy Guidelines”. The brand’s Hairstyle Sketchbook includes examples of acceptable and unacceptable hair and hair highlights specifically noting that “All hairstyles for men and women should appear neat, clean, natural, kempt and classic,” and “No associate is permitted to wear any extreme hair styles or hair color. Hair styles and hair color should reflect your natural beauty.” In addition to strict hair guidelines, store associates must also follow makeup, nail polish and jewelry guidelines, and while facial hair is downright unacceptable, you could slide by with a tattoo if it’s “inconspicuous and representative of Abercrombie’s brand”. Associates who do not follow these guidelines may be sent home or subject to “appropriate disciplinary action,” which could include termination.

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While it seems obnoxious and extreme, Abercrombie isn’t the first to whip out a Look Policy. Here are a couple other weird/strict Look Guides you may want to read up on before submitting your application:

UBS – Although it has been revised, the dress code for UBS AG banned Swiss bankers from eating garlic or onions, and suggested that underwear be skin-colored. The guide book also recommended that men get haircuts monthly, and women not to show roots if they color hair and keep scratchy toenails trimmed and filed in order to extend the life of knee socks and stockings.

American Apparel – This retailer is known for hiring on looks and the guidelines are similar to those of Abercrombie’s Look Policy Guidelines. American Apparel’s dress code includes a list of specific tops and bottoms that are permitted, the number of pieces of jewelry which are allowed, and a requirement that you shower daily and maintain “outstanding dental hygiene” and fresh breath.

This does include the odd dress codes that companies sometimes enforce upon clientele, such as the California bar that required women to wear heels to the opening. It just goes without saying, know where you are going and where you are working, especially if you plan on hopping outside of the box anytime soon.

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