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Need More Energy? Try These 3 Body Hacks


If you’re reading this post in the afternoon, it’s probably safe to say that you wish you had a little bit more energy. The good news is that you can trick yourself into feeling awake and alert with a few simple body hacks.


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1. Create a schedule to remind yourself to get up from your desk.

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Sure, you mean to get up every half an hour or so to do some stretching and focus on something other than your computer screen, but it’s hard to remember that when you’re involved in a project. (Or snoozing over your keyboard.) Lifehacker provides a sample schedule that will get you moving, helping both your productivity and your general health.

2. Drink a glass of water.

There’s nothing more exhausting than dehydration, and if you’re not big on sipping fluids throughout the day, you might be out of gas come 3 p.m.

Regardless, if you’re feeling tired, it’s worth it to give the water trick a try.

“A big glass of cold water — bottled, tap, or fountain, it doesn’t matter — can really refresh you,” dietician Lona Sandon tells WebMD. “Adding a slice of lemon or lime can also perk you up.”

3. Get outside.

There’s some debate over whether the afternoon is the best time to get your sunlight fix, but whether or not it helps your circadian rhythms or vitamin D levels, getting a few minutes of sunshine will certainly pick up your spirits. At the very least, it’ll get you away from your desk and moving, which is worth something all on its own.

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