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Is Your Alma Mater on Our List of 11 Most-Loved Schools?


Want to start a (hopefully playful) argument at your next gathering? Ask everyone to name the best school in the country. Odds are, most will maintain that theirs is tops.

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But then again, not everyone has fond memories of their college or university — especially when they’re not speaking publicly. That’s why our anonymous survey results for best-loved schools are so valuable. When someone speaks well of their alma mater when no one is watching, you know they’re being honest.

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Here are three of the most-loved schools:

1. Colorado School of Mines

Alumni Recommended: 100 percent

Median Mid-Career Pay: $106,000

Every alum who took our survey recommended their old school, located in Golden, Colorado. With fewer than 5,000 undergraduates, this small public engineering and applied science college prides itself on its interdisciplinary approach and graduates who are prepared for jobs that “influence positive change in the world” — and start, on average, at $61,000 a year.

2. University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

Alumni Recommended: 96 percent

Median Mid-Career Pay: $76,500

This public research university boasts programs in 200 fields of study, famous alumni like Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, and a beloved varsity football team.

3. Texas A&M University

Alumni Recommended: 96 percent

Median Mid-Career Pay: $94,300

Actually tied for second, Aggies can boast a high mid-career salary, a passion for football and alumni like Lyle Lovett, who once offered these timeless words of career advice: “It’s important to be successful enough to be able to keep doing what you love.”

For more colleges and universities beloved by their alums, look at our slideshow.

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