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How Long to Take the Perfect Nap [infographic]


Napping is associated with everything from greater mental clarity and higher rates of productivity to not wanting to dump your mid-afternoon coffee over your coworkers’ heads. If you’re able to sneak in a little shuteye at the office, there’s a science to getting just the right amount of snooze time.


(Photo Credit: Dirlei Dionisio/Flickr)

The Wall Street Journal recently released an infographic that explains exactly how long to sleep, in order to achieve your desired results.

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For example:

Want a boost of alertness? Sleep for 10 to 20 minutes. These power naps restore energy, without allowing the body to fall into a deeper sleep that will cause grogginess down the line.

Want to remember facts better, and grogginess be damned? Sleep for 60 minutes. That’s when you’ll get the most slow-wave sleep, which will boost your memory.

Want to feel hungover? Sleep for 30 minutes, weirdo.

More sleep facts, below:

How To Take The Perfect Nap

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