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Fido Friday is Wagtastic


Tomorrow is Fido Friday at PayScale and the office will be full of four-legged coworkers. It’s basically the greatest day in the history of days.

(Photo Model: Maizie, waiting patiently for TPS reports)

One of the best parts about Life at PayScale is Fido Friday. On the first Friday of every month, PayScalers are invited to bring their furry friends with them to the office. It’s cute, chaotic, and incredibly awesome. 

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This tradition has even inspired an entrepreneurial streak in certain PayScalers. Chris Schave, an account executive, recently started his own brilliant monthly service: 


Of course, not everyone loves Fido Friday. Cats, for one, do not love Fido Friday. But fortunately, PayScale isn’t in the practice of hiring cats (yet), so Fido Friday lives on.

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We want you to join in the Fido Friday fun today! Did you get to bring your pet to work with you? Tweet pictures using the hashtag #FidoFriday and show us your pet, hard at work. 


Alida Mooreston
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