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Do You Look Like a Top-Performing CEO? [infographic]


According to a recent Harvard Business Review study, if you’re male, have a full head of hair, are married with 3.1 children, and don’t wear glasses, then you look like a vast majority of the top-performing CEOs in the world. Take a look at the infographic below the cut to see what other characteristics you may have in common with the greatest CEOs of our age.

anatomy of a cel

(Photo Credit: Jonathan Mueller/Flickr)

Domo and compiled an excellent infographic depicting the anatomy, demographics, educational background, and location of the top 100 CEOs based on data extracted from a recent Harvard Business Review study. It looks like we’re getting closer to figuring out the secret formula for creating top business moguls — finally! Here’s a recap of the findings:

Do You Know What You're Worth?

Physical Characteristics:

  • Male – 98 percent
  • Female – 2 percent (Can you guess who these awesome ladies are?)

  • Glasses – 37 percent
  • No Glasses – 63 percent

  • Balding – 11 percent
  • Receding Hair – 36 percent
  • Full Head-of-Hair – 53 percent

  • Number of Children – 3.1 (That 0.1 percent of a child is a tricky one.)
  • Married – 97 percent

Educational Background:

  • Earned a Bachelors Degree – 99 percent
  • No Bachelors Degree – 1 percent (Can you guess who this unique gem is?)

  • Earned a Masters Degree – 29 percent
  • No Masters Degree – 71 percent

An astounding 61 percent of top-performing CEOs were educated outside of the United States!

For more interesting facts about the world’s chart-topping CEOs, take a look at the infographic below. 

Anatomy of the World

(Infographic Credit: Domo/

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