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Do You and the Boss See Eye to Eye ? [infographic]


It makes perfect sense: the person who calls the meetings probably thinks they’re worthwhile, while the folks who are being dragged away from their teeming inbox might perceive it as an interruption.


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Still, the most surprising thing about the survey results that inspired the infographic below is how close business owners and workers are to agreeing on the issues that determine our happiness and productivity at work.

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For example:

– 21 percent of owners think their companies hold too many meetings; 35 percent of employees agree.

– 77 percent of bosses think their corporate culture is at least moderately defined; 81 percent of workers feel the same.

– 61 percent of owners think their employees are paid too little; 66 of workers agree.

The greatest discrepancies are in areas related to communication and influence. A whopping 91 percent of business owners, for instance, feel that they’re moderately to extremely transparent with their employees, but only 65 percent of workers think they get the straight scoop from their bosses. Similarly, 74 percent of owners think their employees sway their business decisions, while only 50 percent of workers agree.

Do Business Owners and Employees See Eye to Eye?

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