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Degrees of the 21st Century [infographic]


Some college majors lead to jobs that help the world, while others offer high rates of pay right out of the gate. But if students are looking for jobs that will (almost) definitely be there when they graduate, what should they be studying?


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A recent infographic names a few growth industries. We’ll give you a hint: most of them revolve around tech. For example:

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1. Game Design

Producers, developers, and programmers in game design will find themselves part of an $80-billion industry by 2015. Median pay for this field is $75,065.

2. Nanotechnology

It sounds like science fiction, but nanomaterials are being used today in golf clubs, car parts, and dental implants, and are expected to be used in medicine, environmental cleanup, and energy efficient fuel cells. This industry is expected to employ 2 million U.S. workers by 2020.

3. Digital Forensics and Cyber Security

Want to make good money and make the world a better place? Computer security specialists earn anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 annually and protect us from terrorists and other criminals.

Degrees of the 21st Century
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