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5 Ways to Be the Best Coworker Ever


Are you an awesome coworker or are you the kind who steals lunches and makes inappropriate comments? If you want to be the toast of the office, here are some simple tips for upping your game.

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When you think about it, it isn’t really that difficult to be an awesome coworker. You take the basic rules for being a good human being and apply them to people you work with and have to see on a daily basis, even if you don’t want to. Here are a few super easy tips earning the title of best coworker ever.

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1.  Stay Out of Office Drama

According to Lifehacker, if you want to enjoy your job – don’t fight your coworkers’ battles. To take this a little further, if you want to get along well with the people you work with, stay out of their drama. Getting involved in your coworkers’ issues will not only result in you hating your job, but eventually someone will accuse you of picking sides or being too involved in everyone else’s business. It’s best in work situations to avoid taking on everyone else’s problems as your own. And whatever you do, avoid gossip.

2.  Be Supportive and Dedicated

Relationship experts often advise couples to ask “how can I support you” rather than asking someone if they need help, which is actually helpful advice for coworkers as well. Also, be 100 percent in the (work) relationship and not the person who people think may not be around the next day. In any type of relationship, whether romantic or work-related, people want to feel supported and know they can count on the people around them.

3.  Focus on Less Negativity

No one is sunshine and happiness every day, but you also don’t want to be the person walking around with a storm cloud over your head. Perpetual negativity can suck the life out of the office, and is often super contagious. If you attempt to be pleasant at work, your co-workers are more likely to enjoy being around you.

4. Follow Through With Responsibilities

You will never be anyone’s favorite co-worker if you are known as the person who never follows through or shows up. When we miss our deadlines, it forces others involved in the project to miss their deadlines. Make getting things done a priority.

5.  Bring Food

Everyone likes food. Especially donuts. In many offices, people are just happier when they see free donuts in the break room. Have you ever heard someone say “I just can’t stand Mary. She’s always bringing us delicious treats.” Me neither.

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