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5 Perks That Prove Some Offices Are Actually Spas


Think luxurious workplace perks went out with flip-phones and a stable economy? Think again. While many of us would be happy just to have health insurance, some lucky workers toil away at companies that offer really fancypants perks.

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1. Haircuts

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Who would get their hair cut at work? Men, mostly, according Emily Harris, owner of Onsite Haircuts, a company that brings rolling salons to office parking lots as an employee perk.

The perk tends to be popular workers who “look at getting their haircut as a chore, like doing their laundry or washing dishes — they want to have it done well, but don’t want to spend a lot of time getting it done,” Harris tells MarketWatch.

2. Yoga

Yoga builds confidence, soothes jangled nerves, and counteracts the effects of crouching over a keyboard all day long. But fitting in gym time is tough with a busy schedule, and it’s sort of useless to show up to yoga class hopelessly stressed out. Companies like Zappos solve this problem by offering yoga classes on-site.

3. Chair Massages

This was a popular perk during the heyday of the first dotcom boom, but some companies are continuing to party like it’s 1999. Workers at Intel, Charles Schwab, and SAS offer massages to their employees right in the office.

4. Treadmill Desks

OK, it’s not exactly a pedicure. But swapping out static desks for treadmill versions can help improve employee health and happiness — not to mention cutting down on sick days and healthcare costs.

5. Nap Rooms

What’s more luxurious than sleeping on the job? Google employees have long had the option to catch at few Zzzs at the office, and some smaller companies are following suit. (Albeit without the $8,000 Nap Pod.)

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