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3 Unexpected Careers That Will Profit From Obamacare


One of the major points of debate about the Affordable Care Act is whether it will lead to American workers losing their jobs. A recent poll showed that some small business owners have frozen hiring in anticipation of the now-delayed employer mandate, and the news is full of stories about retailers who cut employee hours down to 29.5 per week, to avoid benefit costs. So what’s the good news?


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According to MarketWatch, several job sectors are expected to grow as a result of Obamacare. All, it should be noted, are professional jobs that pay above minimum wage. Here are the non-health care gigs you wouldn’t expect:

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1. Computer Programmers

Did you know that the Affordable Care Act mandates that medical records be stored electronically? Most hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices have moved into the digital age, but that doesn’t mean all their old records moved with them. Computer programmers will help translate all that old paper data into a form that the modern office can use.

2. Payroll

Think you’re confused by the fine print? Spare a thought for the poor folks in HR, who will have to untangle all of the changes to make sure their companies are on the right side of the law. The good news for workers is that this will require many companies to staff up their payroll departments.

3. Customer Service Representatives

When you’re sick, you call a doctor. When you get the bill, and it makes absolutely no sense, you call your health insurance company. A CSR answers the phone. Expect calls — and demand for these jobs — to rise after the exchange marketplaces open on October 1.

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